We are DLP Industry B.V. creative in customization

Creative in customization for more than 100 years

DLP is a manufacturer of private label products.

In addition to designing and manufacturing private label products, DLP is also a full service provider. We keep items in stock after production and import until the customer wants it delivered. We do this in a hyper modern warehouse in the port of Rotterdam.

We deliver these items on the agreed date and time to any location in Europe. And all at very competitive rates.

In our studio we design products, packaging and designs according to the latest trends.

What do we stand for?


At DLP, everything is about creativity. This applies not only to our design, but also to our products, logistics and our prices.


Corporate social responsibility is one of the pillars of our success. Among other things, we are a member of Amfori, FSC ® certified and registered with ECHA.

Full Service

From product idea to delivering the finished product to your warehouse somewhere in Europe. That's what we call full service.

More than just products

Our passion for products is reflected in the collections we design for our clients. Our creative team follows the latest trends in the market and projects that onto our designs and designs.

We are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied. Only then do we say that our mission has succeeded.


In our studio we design the most diverse products and designs. We also have a team at the drawing table who draw the cutest original designs for children that are used in very many products.


To strengthen our brands, we have a team that builds websites and is active daily on social media. Youtube is widely used for publishing the animations and videos we create.


Our sales team consists of experienced employees with extensive product knowledge. They maintain daily contact with suppliers to ensure the quality of items. Sales does not stop after the conclusion of an order.

Our address

Prins Mauritslaan 41-47
1171 LP Badhoevedorp


0031 2061132 26


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